What advice would I give a new dev?
"Learn COBOL"

No one specified that it had to be 'good advice'

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    @StefanH OTOH, if making money is more important than working with something interesting, don't become a programmer in the first place. Become a lawyer instead.
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    @Grumpy lawyer is a bad choice if you want to make money. Banker, maybe? Or a Dentist.
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    I agree with some others. People who know COBOL are on huge money. government departments in Aus use COBOL along with big Banks.
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    @halibetlector Here in Scandinavia, a bank salary is peanuts compared to a lawyer salary.
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    @halibetlector fuckin dentists
    I'm typing this while waiting for my dentists
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    Another case of "inadequate project specifications".
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    I just got my first job at a NTT Data company as a cobol developer
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