Today's my lucky day for job rejections...

"Unfortunately we have decided not to proceed with you as a candidate because the salary range you expect lies outside our budget."

That's very interesting indeed because in the very first interview (phone call) you asked me about that range and I gave it, straight and simple.

Then I had to do a coding challenge, which I usually refuse, but did anyway. It took about 15 hours. Let's not forget that it had nothing to do with the job I was applying for, but OK.

After that, a second interview, which took 1.5 hours and a third, which gobbled up 2 hours of my time.

Then you tell me that you're not willing to fork over the dosh, after having wasted 18.5 hours of my time!

Thank you very much, you anus blossoms!

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    Send an invoice
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    Start your own company and kick them out of business
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    That is one of my fears. Multiple drawn out interviews only to be rejected at the end due to salary constraints, even after HR/Department director already agreed to a minimum.

    When performing interviews, I try to keep coding challenges less than an hour and a half (for both the candidate's and my patience).

    Good luck next time!
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    Now THAT is a rant !
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    Let me start off by saying that 18 hours of interview time is unacceptable regardless of if you pay the candidate.

    That said, what the company is probably saying, from my experience, is that they don't think your skills match up to the expected salary. Very often companies tend to say "we can't afford you" because they think it's an offenseless thing to say. It may not carry as offensive connotation as "we don't think you have the skills to award that amount of money" but it also doesn't give anything for a candidate to do in the future.

    I don't me any offense by this comment; I just mean to speak out of my own experience both interviewing others and being interviewed.
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    @h3ll totally agree. I've got a few companies that I even warn recruiters about now for being shady.
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    Little did you know the code challenges were the work they needed done. You completed it in the interview. No need to hire you now.
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    Arg! Had this last month they asked my expected salary I gave it to them. They wanted interviews I completed them they wanted me to sit an exam I sat it. They wanted me to fill out a massive form about my entire life I filled it out. They call me in saying your the perfect candidate for this job.... But we are only paying 60% of your expected salary fudge them in the @$$ time wasting Suger brains took my last days of holiday leave for them too.
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    If you want to feel any better, post on glass door. HR peeps read that, and so do other candidates
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