DO NOT be afraid to argue with people. It doesnt matter who they are. Senior engineers, tech leads, delivery managers, if you know something is wrong make it heard. I made a point of telling my Project Manager that the current project is the worst ive ever seen. The technology is awful and we all hate the development. They need to know this stuff. And if they come to you with a deadline that you dont think you can make, say it then and there. Then they cant come back and say why isnt this done. Basically dont just do as youre told. If we needed that we would get robots to do our job. We need people who think and have opinions and make those opinions heard at the appropriate level.

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    Sadly it is not always well perceived if you're way down in the "trophic chain" of a company and may be tagged as a troublemaker, if confronting too much.

    I'm not telling one would always do what has been told without putting the brakes on your boss. It's just that every decision you take should be backed with real evidences X or Y can't be done by day Z. And sometimes you can't back your decisions, as they're based on a mental evaluation or similar. If high enough in the company, this decision is valuable. If you have not enough "level", your comment may be tossed.
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    @Korcholis Yeah I agree. Im not necessarily saying you should cause a ruckus. Just dont be afraid to let people know if you have concerns about something. Like a technical decision or an approach to something. It also depends on your environment really. Im fortunate to be working in a company where I can safely challenge managers on their approach to Agile for example. And they will make the effort to listen because they acknowledge that we know what we are talking about.
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