No wonder the stock market is going up.... Commissions used to be $7, then $5, now $0.

Now everyone can trade... And appreciate since buying and selling one cost a few cents at most.... Even cheaper than lotto tickets with better odds...

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    Are individuals trading for low commissions market movers?
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    @M1sf3t yes, now they just need to watch Jim Cramer and if everyone does what he says the market will move... Which actually is sort of scary... Or basically he could manipulate the market.

    Same as a run on a bank, contagion effect
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    It's going up because it has no relation to reality and the US printed several trillion dollars that went directly to wall street by way of debtors.
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    @SortOfTested so wall St just put the money into stocks, basically keep on buying from each other driving price up until they run out of money? Like a game of chicken?
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    More direct this time. People put the money in Amazon, internet services and paying bills. See Amazons stock price
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