I wish for a girlfriend that knows how to code and play games. If it will happen it will be so much fun!!!

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    @thmnmlst i still don't understand why they take so many god damn selfies. Your life isn't just unicorns and rainbows... you can't be doing amazing stuff all the time...
    Or do they post selfies because they need confidence and acceptence from others?
    Maybe selfies are a way for them to fulfill a social quality or need they're lacking.....
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    @thmnmlst i know that. I am looking to find an actual psychological cause... because I know that when they'll be 30-40 they surely wouldn't be doing that either because the problem got fixed or selfies aren't popular anymore.
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    @thmnmlst if I find that weekness I could use it to my advantage! And persuade my deam girl... but I'm pretty sure that my dream girl doesn't have thay weekness because being a good coder does not leave time for you... or she is too focused on other things and is more mature.
    I generally dislike childish girls even though I'm 15. I'm 15. Are YOU NUTS?! I'm nuts. Thank you. I know I shouldn't be talking about this at my age.... but I think I am more mature than most guys... I'm trying to experiment and find a starting point to my life... I'm trying to plan ahead yet leave it unpredictable and spontaneous...
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    Good luck friend. Didn't get my first girlfriend till college. Don't look for the perfect girl, look for someone to enjoy being around. Getting some relationship experience will only make finding the perfect one even better
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    Games and tech talks are not the best use of a girlfriend. Trust me ;)
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    Just keep looking; we're rare, but we do exist. Nothing settles who is doing the dishes like a game of Mario Kart.
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    @iam13islucky thank you for the advice
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    @vatson excuse my words "u didn't think i was gonna slam dat pussy?"
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    They exist but not always as good as you imagine. Programmers sometimes are annoying (think of your stupid colleagues), and your programmer gf may also be that annoying to you.

    But true, it is really fun if they are good programming partners.
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