Is it just me or do software developers get the shit end of the stick in absolutely every project?

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    It can be a frustrating job for sure and job to job things can be very different....

    But I've worked a lot of different jobs in tech and developers generally are well compensated and have it pretty good IMO.
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    Didn't used to be the case, but yes, that's the way of things now that business units have dictatorial control of the PMO.
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    I'd still contend that system administration might have it worse: no one cares when everything works, and it's all your fault when it doesn't.
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    @halfflat wait till you get to a place where you're the Dev, the scrum master (uncertified/untrained), DevOps "Deployment guy", system administrator, and Recruitment Team technical member all at the same time. (The JD said "Python developer experienced in back end technologies like Django and Flask <add some jargon here>")
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    @sudo-compile đź‘€sounds like why my job turned into, so many titles, not enough characters to type it all out.
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