Decided to learn C# after learning C, its a goddamn nightmare I get that C# like C++ wants to abstract and provide supposedly more easier/shorter ways to write Code but honestly I abhor both languages.
Are there any true alternatives that dont focus too much on oop? or arent bloated to hell?

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    If you want to learn a new language for the sake of learning a new language try rust or some functional language like haskel or elixir. Or go lang if you want to work backend.
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    If you like C then you might like Go
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    @Bubbles you kind of remind me of an Amazon recommendation:

    Customers who viewed C also looked at:
    - go
    - rust
    - toddler underwear
    - haskell
    - elixir
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    Any of the FP languages come to mind. Or, webshit.
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    Rust has OO elements, but prefers a more imperative and functional style
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