I feel like I need a mentor to ask dumb questions haha

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    Sometimes it's the little things you wish you could pick someone's brain for 5 minutes because you dont know how to word it to find the answer on stackoverflow.
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    @BobbyTables yeah as a learner for me its kinda like just nudging a hint so I can figure out what I need on my own.
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    @BobbyTables or if I write something that is literally shit let me know how and why its shit so I can make that correction.
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    @BobbyTables sometimes when I start typing it out in plain english with the details it occurs to.....OH GAWD I SHOULD CHECK THAT....
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    Honestly I have no other dev friends. All my professional experience I've mostly been the main developer. Sure I've worked with alot of other technical people but never on the same level of detail that I could really learn something from.
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    @BobbyTables nice username, I've heard stories about you 😂
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