Sent a fully constructed sql statement to someone expecting at least 4 rows however received reply "the result is empty" with a screenshot of empty result set from sql-developer. I kept cross-checking the where clause thinking I mixed something up.

After a few back and forth emails suddenly noticed the screenshot I received initially and I see all of the strings in where clause are lowercase. I reference my version and it is correct. When I asked her why are the strings in sql lowercase and that if she has tried the exact sql I sent in the email, the response "I didn't think it mattered what case the sql was in".

I am lost for words. The worse part is, this is someone who is supposed to go on site as part of their job and help clients setup, explain and train how the software works. This includes explaining how software intreacts with database tables 🤐

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    Oh my fucking god.
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    Did you send text query or picture? If you sent text then why didn't they just copy and paste?
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    If I had a nickel for every time I've had to ask someone to not hand retype a shell script line for line...
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    @SortOfTested I am disturbed that this is a thing.
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    Pretty much every h1b "dev" I've ever worked with would do this shit.

    They would also keep local text files that contain "the codes" so they could modify them, and run the commands over and over again. Same for configuration files, yaml, etc.

    The thought of using a shell script, catting the contents of a file and passing an argument was anathema. It makes me so unbelievably sad. Env prefixing was witchcraft.
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    @Demolishun it was a text query in the email so all she had to do was copy and paste
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    @SortOfTested There is a hell, and you have seen it! ;-)
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    I gots the PTSD. It's the only thing that staves off dabeetus.
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