Does anyone of you struggle with art, when developing a game as well?

I made a game with 0 gamedev experience (but lot's of fullstack dev experience) and kept struggling with arts and animations. Any help?

btw I also did a full video about my experience here: https://youtube.com/watch/...

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    Hire/partner with an artsy fucker. :)
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    I do struggle a lot, luckily, I have creative friends in terms of arts.

    Quick tip for Unity, If you Work with 3D, there's these things called HDRP, ShaderGraph and VFXGraph.
    Trust me, If you want to get some artistic stuff and color into your game and make it feel more "alive" check out Brackeys vids about them.
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    In general, you can use programmer level art. You should be able to replace it eventually by real art (if you have someone to provide)

    But I share your pain, its part of why I started looking into art myself, both drawing and pixelart. Its definitely a useful skill to have, but takes a lot of time. If you're serious about gamedev Id definitely recommend at least doing a couple of courses on pixelart, as it gives you a better idea of what to look for as a client too

    As a short term solution you're stuck with open art or whatever you make yourself (or reskin/trace any of the open stuff to match your style more, its good experience too)
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