I hate silicon valley.

They enable so much of the state's and federal government's bullshit, the corporations and the banks subversion and destruction of society.

It's time to pop their fucking tech bubble.

From here on out, any time you hear or read the words 'startup', be sure to comment with "you mean speculative marketing investments?"

Because most tech runs on shit-tier semi-polished iterations of glorified CRUD anyway, thats all most of it is. And it 100% relies on grabbing network share through massive advertising and presence campaigns. A lot of vc money is being flushed straight down the toilet and this is a point to emphasize. Crash the fucking tech sector. Do it.

It'll have a knock on effect to the advertising space, which will put the hurt on google's bottom line when they and their ilk are already under pressure for all the poisonous, monopolist shit they pull like helping china build their surveillance tech.

Extra points for emphasizing "pot-fueled ideas sketched out on napkins while sitting in fucking chipotle, in unwashed sweater vests, originated by guys who are fresh out of college and never ran a business in their life. 90% of them fail in the first year. VCs and investor are losing their shirts." etc.

The entire dishonest fucking trade relies on other people's money, being bought out in either techno land-grabs or turf-protection e.x. atlassian acquiring trello, a **glorified todo app**.

Thats the business model. Hell go build your own and make a buck.

Build your own. Build something better and most of all... *fuck silicon valley*.

Let it burn, let burn, let it burn.

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    Yeah, fuck VCs. They're the real cancer here. If access to money wasn't controlled by that frat party industry, everything wouldn't have to be a direct to consumer play. Which in turn means there would be more meaningful work done.

    But most of all, fuck wall street.
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    @SortOfTested I second that motion. add wall street to the bonfire!
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    @SortOfTested excuse my ignorance, what does VC refers to?
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    Venture capital firm
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    @SortOfTested ty, don’t know how I missed that lol.
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    VCs are a necessity in order to compete in the fast pace of the market, especially when you want to scale up your business.

    Don't get me wrong i relate to the sentiment very much. There are many rotten VCs and people in position of power in the top corprations. Most VCs are loosing money for chasing dreams, and so other businesses in their portfolio suffer as a result.

    The top corporations have unlimitted resources and its nearly impossible to compete against them or their intrests.
    They can easily bu(ll)y any small business out or steal their tech (because "the market" requires integration with at least one of the big cloud providers).

    But without VCs how would you raise capital when you want to scale up?
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    @bioDan in the grand scheme I see scaling up is about capturing market faster than competitors who might enter the space after they see what you're doing.

    We could all just pursue natural growth instead of the monopolism of the network effect.
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    Private investment, slower growth model. The explosive growth as an absolute necessity is a fiction.

    In regards to VCs losing money as a reason for other companies in the portfolio taking a hit, that's the minority of occasions.

    Most of the time, you're in a blind race against other companies under the same VC. If one goes big, they will force a sale of your company just to use you as a tax write off because you're a sunk cost one way or the other. If you're able to plan for that eventuality, you can buy your company back for pennies on the dollar, but few have that liquid capital.

    Another common VC scam is investing in you, just to turn around force you to be customers for their more viable investments. It's a common method to launder investment capital from one company to another and obfuscate the books, with the added bonus of creating false growth.
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    You should learn the game before you play. Why would you hate it?
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    As much as I think he's misattributing the cause, the vulture capitalism has to end. The world is a bonfire fueled by US debt, and eventually that system will collapse.

    The wealth disparity keeps growing as more and more people slide into poverty and jobs disappear. Demagogues capitalize on the mass depression, using it as an opportunity to float nationalist, identity rhethoric. Cheap labor sources the world over abuse their people, underpay and drive down the cost of labor while corporations take in record profits. Too many people assume the way things are is the way have to be, because analyzing data is hard. It's much easier to chalk it up to bad luck and assume positivity (read: denial) is the answer. Or in the worst case, be one of those cancerous zits who thinks they can ever ascend into the ranks of the wealthy, gorging themselves on the fantasies and mythology of those whose success started and ended with access and privilege (buffet, dimon, Zuckerberg, etc).
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    I get what you're saying. In the world we live in there is no room for morality if you want to get rich.
    If you are talking about a revolution, I do not believe it even touches the 1%. Imho, those ppl play from aĺl possible angles and cannot loose.
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    Nothing I said implies revolution. If your choices are being well off and a decent person who executes mutually beneficial arrangements, or being ultra wealthy and an absolute piece of shit, people need to start choosing the prior.

    The people who believe that life is transactional are a cancer on society.
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