Conspiracy Theory:

Coding standards were invented so that your colleagues can steal your code without any effort.

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    Idk if youre trolling or not, but this is, pretty stupid lol
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    @Stuxnet How is it not clear -_-
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    Try maintaining code written by a "maverick" who never follows standards, and then you'll understand why standards exist.

    Also lol, the code I write for my job is 100% owned by my employer so I don't care if coworkers "steal" it. I want them to use it.

    Edit: BTW I'm aware it's a joke. Just playing along.
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    @goldfpil bc there's a 100% chance someone believes some stupid bullshit like this
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    @Stuxnet When we are talking about idiots, look who appeared below your comment.
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    @Frederick well... someone's got to do it 😂

    @Stuxnet OP is right, copy/paste is so much easier when it looks like everything else I've copy/pasted. 👀
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    @C0D4 Out of place project idea: An IDE that annotates your code and displays it as a bunch of snippets, which you link to one another by equating concepts.
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