TLDR: It's okay to take naps while working from home
I feel that there is nothing wrong with taking afternoon naps while working from home. Mainly because after taking rest for a couple of hours my mind is re-energised and I am able to pull off quite a lot of work in much lesser time after waking up and my overall productivity for the day roughly remains same.
This is mainly because if I end up staying awake even when I am tired and sleepy there is not much productive work done even if my number of hours online increase.
And if a company has strict measures set for calculating the number of hour employee stays online while working from home then it will actually reduce overall employee productivity rather than having any kind of actual benefits.

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    I've always found that naps in the day make me struggle to sleep properly at night
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    @pxeger naps in the night make me struggle to sleep properly at daytime
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    TL;DR of TL;DR

    It is okay to nap
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    @F1973 TL;DR of TL;DR of TL;DR: a
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    Naps 👌🏻
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    What most don't know:
    It actually also is okay to take naps when working in the office.
    But most people don't have the required quietness at work and don't like to nap in a chair...
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