Why the fuck did Oracle change their policies on the official JDK and made the website nigh impossible to use?!

It was shit from the 90s before, and now its still shit just modern.

Why do I have to register do get the JDK, you know Im going to use the fucking 10min mail. I just wanted to setup a freaking build server and I had to go over your retarded website that for some reason *refreshes* and erases the username field everytime I put in the wrong password. Why?

Why is oracle just outright bad at making websites?! Its always a maze to navigate and now it also takes seconds to even load...

This shit is why everyone uses openJDK and adopt. 3 billion devices running java?! Not with your jre/jdk they are not, because It's a pain to get... Don't me even get started on the mess it does on windows server. Why wasn't my JAVA_HOME set automatically?! I lost almost 2 hours because I trusted your piece of shit software to so the one job it has, even reinstalled it completely...

Get your shit together Oracle, this was unacceptable 10 years ago, let alone now

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    Don't get me started how much I hate this company.

    Check my posts and you'll understand why I do.
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    You only have to register to download non-current JDK versions IIRC. Not that that makes it any less annoying but I guess they want people to use modern versions of Java
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    @12bitfloat I think you're right, though I seem to remember that only works for Java 8 now, if I want 11 or 12 I have to jump the hoops. But yeah
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    Oracle has the reverse Midas touch.
    Best to keep your distance.
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    @Root can confirm. Struggling with each passing day.
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    I refuse to use Oracle JDK any more. OpenJDK all the way.
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    Why not use corretto?
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    What @EmberQuill said.

    Info teacher introduced us to adoptopenjdk.net, never looked back

    ...except that one classmate who had a 32bit OS
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    @RustyCookie Amazon? sounds like trading one evil for another. You have good experience with Corretto?
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    Haven't had any issues with Coretto, but we've also been OpenJDK for quite sometime.
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    @Hazarth no issues. Although on prod we use openjdk. And for that reason on my machine(debian) I too have openjdk.
    On windows, I'd use corretto without hesitation.
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    Well, I guess we have to just wait and watch. Soon Java will be replaced, Google trying hard.
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    Couldnt agree more. data grabbing piece of shit.
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