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    Pull request with 134 files changed, 1034 deletes, 4313 additions and 6 failures in the CI build.

    PR author:
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    nonono. this is how you do it like a boss:
    616 files changed
    6600 lines removed
    3257 lines changed
    1500 line added.

    for one project out of 5.... in all fairness - the dude run go fmt, and go fix on the project.
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    *grabs the pan*

    Spanking time, one butt at a time.
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    I mean the amount of changes is not always representative for how much has changed. If you changed the settings on your formatter, introduced one or updated packackes_lock.json you might have a high amount of changes without them being relevant to the project
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    @StopMotionCuber I'll upgrade the pan to a hot metal spatula if you do in one commit linting / formatting and code changes....
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    @IntrusionCM Oh yeah, Daddy

    About a single Commit I agree, but in a PR there might be both (the extend should still be reasonable though)
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