Programming and listening to music go hand in hand a lot of times...

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    I find a lot of folks like that.

    Oddly enough generally I don't.

    rainymood.com maybe, but not music very often for me.
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    Listening to music while programming makes me angry. Spotify only recommends shitty songs completely unrelated to my playlist, so I have to keep looping over my playlist and after a while the songs stop being interesting and start being annoying. Join that with my frustration because my code isn't working and I'm angry.
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    *cries in meetings*

    I legit miss those days when I was junior/mid-senior guy where I can do my assigned task and listen to music and chill and hangout with friends and go for breaks and flirt with the cute girl who sits next to aisle and everything.

    I miss my old role. Someone get me out of meetings.

    Have been spending 6 to 8 hours easily on calls everyday.
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    @neeno did you try training your algorithm?

    Spotify has one of the best recommendation algorithms and one of the key selling points.

    This fact has been accepted globally by every person who uses Spotify.
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    @F1973 How? I can only click like or dislike on songs that are in my discover weekly. Playlist radios for some reason don't have those buttons anymore.
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    @F1973 guess the best in the industry is garbage then. It it always recommends me like 4 decent songs. The rest is shitty covers/hardbass/other Russian stuff.
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    @neeno Spotify only has a heart (like) button. Whatever songs you like trains the algorithm on various levels and then it starts recommending you good shit.

    @fuckwit are you on VPN or routing via some other country? Because unless you are on Radio or explore mode, it wouldn't do that for weekly playlists or daily mixes.

    Guess your algo has been trained in a way to deliver some relevant and then some new stuff. Time to start all over again.
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    @F1973 nope no switching countries or vpns.
    The 6 daily mixes are decent and I quite like these. But the discover weekly playlist is just eh.

    I use two accounts. The main one is the one with the garbage weekly mix. It provides the subscription for my family and my second account.
    The recommendation on my second one are waaaaay better and it's easy to influence them with likes.

    But no luck with my main account. I literally only played kpop for a good month and only liked those songs and my mix had no trace anything in that direction.

    Calling the algo garbage is a bit to much though. I'll need to take one back. It's good and does it job wonderfully. Just not in the case of this one account. Not sure what's up with that.
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    @F1973 huh, I thought that was just some sort of special playlist, didn't know it had any effect on what it recommends me. Thanks!
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    @fuckwit guess discover weekly has some external influence.

    Maybe things in your artists and other likes plus you also mentioned it is linked to family account so might be 'discovering' content from there.

    Since you also mentioned your alt account works fine so the only distinguishable factor I see is this.

    Also running Kpop won't solve the training. It needs diversity.

    @neeno Spotify does not have like dislike feature. So the only way to influence it is this.
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    @N00bPancakes I love white noise.

    Mid to low rains
    High Storm and thunder
    High campfire
    Mid water on windows/rooftop/plastic camp

    This setup feels very cosy and nice to work.
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    chill cow lofi music on youtube does it for me
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    Yeah sometimes esp during the beginning after then the music just confused you😂
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    @F1973 While I'm both a Spotify user AND not a fan of Spotify, this is also true in my case!

    The one thing I fucking hate about Spotify is how i keep getting tracks in my daily mixes and what-not with the same artist names as artists i listen to, only.... they're just artists with the same name, not the same artists!

    Like, I keep getting tracks from both a metal band and a rap group called Malice but I want the rawstyle artist Malice in my tracklist :(
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    @F1973 Oh and also, tracks i dislike just keep coming back 😅
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    @linuxxx Seems like your setup is fucked too. I'd say create a new account and transfer your collection there and start fresh with algorithm training.

    Also why do you hate Spotify now and if you hate why use it then?
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    Y'all can use this to start fresh
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