Started learning Android development in Kotlin.
My first impressions:
- Kotlin is good, but class syntax is not very appealing
- Overall it seems to be quite easy, at least the basic stuff
- Android Studio is a fucking memory hog, RIP my RAM
- As good IntelliJ is as bad is Android Studio somehow
- Emulator seems to be really advanced which I like

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    I never used emulators with android studio since it was such a hog. Always directly on my phone.
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    Try coding with java on eclipse then u will love intellij idea ant kotlin :D
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    @24th-Dragon Yes, I will probably test on my phone too, but looking at some features of the emulator, they can be pretty hard to test on the actual device.
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    @zemaitis Yes, as I mentioned, IntelliJ is amazing and I use it almost every day and I rarely complain about stuff. It is the android plugins that are broken. I have been programming apps only for a few hours now, but I had to restart Android Studio at least twice, because of some error.

    Kotlin has very good features, but the class syntax can be very annoying if you stick to the recommendations. Good thing that you can write classes in a more traditional way too.
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    Android development has come a long way. The build times are still annoying tho (well, atleast on windows, and it's surprisingly fast on a Mac).
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    I grabbed the Android SDK from Android Studio, set up IntelliJ deleted everything except the SDK that had to do with Studio, and was able to write my code only with intelliJ and use a virtual device to debug.
    Beautiful and memory friendly
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    Kotlin would be infinitely better if they didn't have such strict adherence to full java compatibility.
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    @PraveenKishore i wonder if build times are better on linux or chrome os?
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    @zemaitis I'm not sure what the build times on linux is rn. I tried it on Ubuntu a couple years back on the same hardware that had windows dual booted and the build times were similar to that of windows. Never got to test on Chrome OS yet
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