what are some valid reasons why a company with 20.x Million customers will ever get motivated to migrate from AWS to, not google cloud, Oracle cloud or the likes; but, to On Premises Cloud.

Wrong answers only.

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    Shorter skirt.
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    It's cheaper but not really.
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    The newly hired CTO is a Baby Boomer.
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    IT director is less-than-secretly still working for the vendor they were hired away from. CTO has an MBA.
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    @heyheni I swear this was too loud.
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    "Because I said so."
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    Because Sense and Sanity has left the building.
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    Very simple the billing system
    They will lose a lot of dollars if they dont hire the duck bill group to reduce their aws bill they are gonna spend a lot on cloud
    Another bad reason aws has so many services which do the same thing and have different pricing and the ui ux of the site is very bad that you need to read all the bad aws documentation to get sense of what you are doing
    A good reason aws sdks are top notch
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    Because I listen to my Mum.
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    You mean a company like..... stackoverflow?
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    Because they want to be more inclusive
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