Do you guys find strolling through super markets and putting things in the basket one by one while crossing them out of list therapeutic

Am I weird?

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    Completing a liste of things to do is always nice no matter what it's about, so you're not that weird
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    I don't make shopping lists. Most stuff is always the same anyway.
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    @Fast-Nop not making shopping list is not healthy for my bank account, i purchase too many things that I don’t need 😫
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    I'm not really using lists as I always know what I need but yep, just walking the aisles and crossing stuff out of my mental list is kinda zen
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    @hardfault But for the weekly shopping? OK, I do have a permanent stock of five large toilet paper packs (eight rolls each) in case the TP craze starts over with the second Corona wave, but I would use that up anyway sooner or later.

    And with most groceries, I can't buy too much because all these fresh veggies and fruits would rot.
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    @Fast-Nop shit I forgot toilet papers thanks!!
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    I over engineered my shopping list app. To add something to my shopping list all I have to do is scan the barcode with my phone.
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    @Fast-Nop how do you remember the stuff you buy two or three times every year?
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    FX [ Wonders where the barcode is on an apple.. ]
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    @Nanos I can add things myself as well obviously
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    I feel shopping lists need improving.

    They need an auto-alphabetical sort option for one, and a spell checker for another, and it would be nice if they came with a picture option too, so you know when you have the right thing. (Unless of course, they change the packaging...)

    And they need a tall display so you don't need to keep scrolling..

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    @Nanos you don't order a shopping list alphabetically. You order it in the order you will pick the items to your cart.
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    But you can't know that order, since the supermarket isle contents will have moved since the last time you went shopping..

    Like some giant adventure maze !

    Now, if you could interface with the supermarkets computer with the stores current layout..

    But, do you scan shelves from top to bottom, or bottom to top ?

    Left to right, or right to left ?

    Begins to sound a bit like the Travelling Salesperson Problem..
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    You also want the option to split the list, so if there are 2 of you, one can start at the top of the list and one at the bottom..

    Though I tend to get the heavy things first, and the light things last, so they end up on top and not squashed underneath..

    You also have to factor in, get item X before everyone else does !

    So that also takes somewhat priority..

    Though, that is usually heavy..

    But not always !

    Like the reduced section !

    Or reduced bread..
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    @electrineer I notice that before leaving and remember it in the store.
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    I prefer not ever entering a shop and getting everything delivered with as little human interaction as possible.
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