Microsoft: "Let's publish APIs that all developers want and not tell them how to access it, making them waste hours on researching it...."


Microsoft: "That's a good one! Let's also not answer any of the stack overflows"


Microsoft: "That'll show em !"

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    My experience is that microsoft usually has good documentation and readily answers questions.

    I have had all my questions answered.

    But I do know that linkedin has been rumored to have less documentation and also some of it is obsolete since they disabled large portions of the api after it was abused by marketing companies that harvested information :/

    So that might be why the linkedin docs is bad.
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    Their vulnerability database API is also great: One can only get an API key with a private Microsoft account, not with a company one.
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    I agree with @Voxera

    Microsoft usually has a great documentation and gets its issues done really good. .. USUALLY...

    haven't worked with LinkedIn though..

    by the way.. the docu behind the link you posted seems allright?
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    at least from what i see its a standard REST / Oauth thingy..... didnt read it though :)
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    I guess they don't care about that anymore and one day they will mark it as depreciated ?
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