You can work from anywhere... anywhere in the world!

Hmmm... Yeah, right! But not when management likes warm bodies at the office.

I hate, hate, absolutely HATE having to travel to work, spending at least 45min to an hour in traffic just to get to work! 😤😡 And then rinse and repeat to get home... which means I'm up at 5:30 every morning to be at work by 7:30, only to get home past 18:00 - traffic permitting! *sigh* 😩

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    I thought we would be beyond the traveling part every day. It has taken longer than expected but it will change someday. It just makes sense.
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    @Jumpshot44 someone has to make sure your packages are get to you don't we? A dev is nothing without their toys
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    @GinjaNinja I feel your pain. I used to do the same thing for the exact same dumb reason... Do you have feelers out for another job?
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    This is the other job! *sigh* 😩

    I was on a job hunting spree for about 6-9 months, trying to find something that is within a reasonable distance from home and where I'm stuck in traffic. I told these agent wankers that I would prefer to work from home.

    I then found this job through an agent who found me. I was initially going to be working on a contractual basis for another company who would be heading up the project. This offer was ideal, since I would only be required to come on once or twice a week.

    But, alas, the company whose project it's for decided to nab me up themselves. And so with that came all their shitty rules as well, like having to always be here, and the day starts at 7:30!
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    I feel your pain, man. 3 hours in total, daily
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    I... Used to work from home.

    Can't do it. Too many distractions, like, bed, game consoles, couch, wife, kids....

    I ended up renting a coworking space and that's really working out very well for me.
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    To tell you the truth, I'm also worried about that! Basically, I would prefer just being 5-10 mins from home - in a place with no distractions! :D
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    @GinjaNinja try getting a co-working space. Although there's some costs involved, I've found that it's good for several reasons -

    1. Working in an environment where no one disturbs you. The thing I like about it is that there are people around (who usually minds their own business), so you don't feel so lonely.

    2. It's great for meeting new people ; for example, I've met quite a few people that converted into my clients.

    Not sure if it's applicable from where you are, but you can have a look at Regus.
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    But I've got a nice i7, 24gb ram on my desk at the office....
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    its like you have to give up your life just to make a living
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