I've been trying and testing all kinds of frameworks to get up to speed with modern development. Tinkered with VUE. That was fun. Tinkered with Laravel. Also fun.

Now I'm looking at Agular. Sweet mother of christ, they want me to learn all this shit just to do some Javascript?

I would rather stock shelves at a supermarket then learn yet another crappt framework that will be redundant in 5 years. I'll wait for the next one.

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    did you try svelte? 🙂
    It's like classic html, css and js just with handlebars and routing taken care of. Unlike other frameworks svelte doesn't include the frameworks payload in the webapp. As the app is compiled in to plain html, css and js.
    It's really nice for small to medium webapps.

    Svelte • Cybernetically enhanced web apps
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    If you just want to do some JavaScript, you can do it in a vanilla way, i.e. without relying on a framework. Angular is meant to be able to scale with large projects.
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    Learning Angular gives you instant admission to the secret Angular society. The brunch is good and you get to look down on react together.

    * laughs in typescript * 💦💦💦
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    It also ruins you for any work that involves peasant frameworks.
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    @heyheni Not yet but it's on my list as many people recommended it to me here!
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    @kamen That's what I do now, I use ProcessWire for my CMS and just add AngularJS, VUE or jQuery on top for the bells and whistles.

    I'm lagging behind on industry standard frameworks. I'm mainly just ranting because I'd like to switch employers for better pay, but that's mostly found in bigger companies that require you to know a gazillion bullshit ways to do CSS.

    I'm also old. Wait, I feel a rant coming...
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    i can't muster the strength to give a shit about js frameworks anymore. i'm currently making a website after a long time, and i'm basically like "fuck that shit, imma gonna write 3 functions to get jQuery-like selectors, and single call for ajax, and lerping of css properties to do animations, and that's literally all i need".
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