Put it on a poster:

"It's ok to:

say "I don't know"
ask for more clarity
stay at home when you feel ill
say you don't understand
ask what acronyms stand for
ask why, and why not
forget things
introduce yourself
depend on the team
ask for help
not know everything
have quiet days
have loud days,
to talk,
joke and laugh
put your headphones on
say "No" when you're too busy
make mistakes
not check your email out of hours
not check your email constantly during hours
just Slack it
walk over and ask someone face-to-face
go somewhere else to concentrate
offer feedback on other people's work
challenge things you're not comfortable with
say yes when anyone does a coffee run
prefer tea
have a messy desk
have a tidy desk
work how you like to work
ask the management to fix it
have off-days
have days off

(From UK Government Digital Service: https://gds.blog.gov.uk/2016/05/...)

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    Love this! I wanna frame it and hang it in the office!
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    Love this so much, gonna print it and stick it everywhere.... Mostly in the bathroom, suspect that is where most people will stop long enough to read and take it in... (Oo,)
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    That is true!
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    @tisaconundrum as someone who's only been working in the industry for a year... #wk26 indeed.
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    @tisaconundrum what is #wk26
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    Would love to see my bosses reaction to this list, I'm guessing he wouldn't continue reading after the first three.
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