One of the higher ups just sent me a message on my private phone number after 10pm asking if we could discuss something work related. I'm a working student, leave me alone.

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    Working student as in an intern?! Screw that. I'd expect that only if it was a production issue and I was on call, but it's in my job contract and I get paid specifically for any hassle that causes (which is rarely to never.)

    You've just seen how the company values its employees - make a note not to return when your internship is over. Oh, and just pretend you didn't get the message.
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    Yeah that's not ok with me unless we're talking about show stopper bug.
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    10pm issues - production had better be dead in the water that late.

    The only time I work that late is during large deployments now that can't be done during business hours

    Learn from this, I once worked for a guy would would email me at 11pm - midnight as to if I was working the next day and then complained if I didn't show up, he stopped sending emails that late after a couple of times.
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    There's nothing wrong in asking by a message. After all, it's your own problem for reading messages after 22 if you don't want to. Just answer that it's not a good moment — you have no obligations.

    I've answered a couple times because I've felt good about it. For me it has felt like helping a friend. I also get paid for a full hour even if the call lasted for 10 minutes.

    That being said, most things can wait for the next day.
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    Never take work home and make sure you convey this message to your employer/manager early one in a clear and polite manner.

    Just last evening I got a text message from a colleague asking me whether I use WhatsApp as the team was making a WhatsApp group (because 12 hour work day, endless meetings, and Slack wasn't enough).

    I mentioned that I don't use WhatsApp and want some peace in personal life after work so as to not be drowned in work all the time.

    He was supportive and agreed. But if management forces me to install WhatsApp, I'd be pissed.
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    @electrineer I don't know man, I only work 20 hours per week and I don't get paid extra if I have to answer a call for 10 minutes. I have also been disturbed countless times by the same guy on my off days despite specifying that I only work other certain days, meetings have been put that I had to attend on my off days too.

    I just feel like I am given the responsibilities of a full time employee, but I'm paid not even half of one.
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