Important rule of programming: don't swallow exception and provide details for troubleshooting.

Visual Studio: The project file contains a property value that is not valid.

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    "Is there a setting to fire the people who made the UI?" - Johnathan Blow
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    @Root tnx, how can I change it now?? cant find the edit? can i edit?
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    @agox nope, you can't change category after posting
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    Hahaha every rails action in my current project has about 3 to 5 rescue blocks attached to it. With the last one always being a rescue on StandardError....
    Oh and it didn't report any of those errors.
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    @fuckwit What the crap? Seriously?
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    @Root yep.

    smh = user.something rescue ''

    Is a way to common pattern in this application. Mind that #something should return an array of strings. So even if the rescue prevented an error the next line

    Count = smh.count

    Would throw the next error (count on string needs a parameter telling it what to count)

    We hooked up sentry to see the errors. Turns out our sentry infrastructure could not handle 30k events an hour with nearly 200kb of data for each event...
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    @fuckwit Ahhhh burn it with fire!
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