Microsoft has sunk to a new low.
I opened a command window to check if there was an existing python install on the path. It reported nothing back. Zero errors. A second or 2 later it opened up the Microsoft Store so I can find this missing app.

The one last sacred thing was the command line, and you violated it.


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    Pythons runtime environment is mess. MS trying to fix is also a mess.
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    Apparently you can uninstall the app store and stop this shit from happening:

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    Apple is a luxury SM brothel where they spank customers who pay a lot of money for that.

    MS tries to ape Apple but doesn't understand anything and just punches random people in the face, then wonders why everyone hates MS.

    And Linux? Well that's the gay club where they ran out of lube and are even proud to tell everyone that they instead just take a shit on the back guy's dick before he goes in, and then wonder why their club isn't popular.
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    @Fast-Nop this is the most apt description of all the three clubs.
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    @Fast-Nop this identified as a standalone rant
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