Service based companies and Nepotism

In India, most IT companies hires their own family members. Even they promote their own family members. One of the my friend worked as dev he found that mostly his co workers are relatives of founder or managers. He told me that he understand if they get hired from some kind of references but that's not case here. Even HR is also family member of manager/founder. Most of this guys don't know any language. Even they don't have any kind of professionalism

Imagine that working on companies where your co-workers and HR is family members of managers and founder. Where you find help because everyone will against you because all are family members.

they deduct PF of workers who are not relatives and never pay tax to goverment. In india, most developers are desperate to get job because that's what education system and society taught them.

Hope startup culture will kill all these shitty companies

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    All companies are like this. Walmart guy's son became chairman of the board and his son-in-law was chairman after him.

    It can be inefficient. You can miss out on good talent. But it works a lot of times too and we tend to forget that. All the talk about teamwork and empowering your employees and not being a micromanager, well that's a lot easier if all your teammates are your family whom you trust a lot.
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