Apparently I'm smarter than I realized...


I hit like a lot of these and at least this week have become a night owl....

But guess it doesn't apply when interviewing for a job....

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    And I feel like a different person when I m up I'm the middle of the night... Like now
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    They got me at:

    You procrastinate a lot

    I am Einstein smart.
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    @vane random thought... When if I apply remotely for positions located across the world lol.

    Maybe id do better in the interviews...
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    Not sure, but I get the notion that they basically want everone to find something to feel smart.

    There are some good points in it imo. But there are nearly all opions in it. Would be hard to find anybody that doesnt fulfill at the very least one cm"sign".

    Also they seem to have an obsession that seemingly every sign has to contain the word "study" or "research".
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    @LinusCDE but what about most of them?
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    @donuts Most of them seem alright. But they are also just signs as they say. The article basically says: Everyone can be smart and almost anything could indicate that.

    Even though I don't have anything against that or their points, they seem to want making everyone feel prove they're smart.

    For example: Someone with a mundane job who gets by but isn't "the brightest one" could feel validated by that just because friend laugh at his jokes (He as humor) and he has empathy with others which are already two points.

    Edit: Basically everyone has empathy.
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    @LinusCDE the ones that stood out to me I think was the constant curiosity and being able to put different ideas together.

    And also talking to yourself.

    Sometimes I use an example from one topic to explain another, like an analogy.
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