I need new friends....

(Maybe I should start using Twitter...)

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    Hell No.. Twitter is full of cancer.
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    @Bybit260 any other ideas then?
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    @donuts IDK I like Reddit. That might be a good choice.
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    Buy a bike, getting some riding friends. Adult friends are activity-contextual.
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    Or make them up in your head like normal people. I have friends from all backgrounds. One of my friend even created the universe!
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    @AshesOfTheSun Yeah.. same here. Mine created the multiverse.
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    @SortOfTested that's... Accurate. Very accurate. I'm not an adult, but from what I see around me, this is very accurate.
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    @donuts Twitter is cancerous.

    Other ideas that worked for me is going offline IRL events.

    Apart from that communities like devRant and Reddit.

    Made some online friends here and even had few meetups with folks who are around.

    Same with Reddit. The communities are very focused so finding relevant friends was high and easy. Had many Reddit meetups and stayed in touch.

    Twitter is cancer. Instagram is shit. Not for networking but for half naked Photoshopped females showing their tiddies.

    meetup.com works and tbh I had the same problem.

    I went out for gigs alone and made friends. And it became addictive. So I am building an entire product around specifically to solve this problem.
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    @F1973 thanks, just saw all the replies. I'm deaf so IRL meetups is sort of hard for me even without COVID.

    This rant was sorta random, just a sudden thought I had this morning during a sudden mood swing...

    But yea maybe the thought was I need new friends that I can have interesting conversations with instead of just mundane, small talk... Or then complaining about their imaginary problems or how unfair life is...
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    He makes twice what I make... And I'm tired of telling him to just grow some balls...
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    My nearest one is like 500 miles away !
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    I've got a bike, where do you get the friends from once you have one ?
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    Facebook ?

    But I only make friends with people who live 6,000 miles away..

    <-- Has no local friends..
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    @Nanos how do you find them? Non local is fine. Mostly maybe just looking for ppl I can talk to without boring each other
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    Thanks, though, it first looks like one of those dating sites that you can't search to see if there is anyone near you and you have to sign up, only to discover there isn't anyone near you !

    I'll join and find out..
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    Ok, I joined, looked at all the things that I can find, where do you find local friends on it ?
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    Go on the website and look up local groups, do some events.
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    I find creating your own group and just waiting for them to show up can work. :-)

    Might take you 10 years mind you..

    Otherwise, I join all the groups I can in things I'm interested in, and eventually you either see a conversation you can join in, or you have something to say in one of them that others respond to.

    I'm joined to thousands of groups..

    As such, you might want to make an alphabetical clickable list of them, since Facebooks own tools for that are practically the worst written feature anyone on the planet could come up with for dealing with more than half a dozen groups.. (No alphabetical sorting for example, limited visible field width, and awfully slow update speed, so it might take you 5 to 10 minutes to scroll to the end of the list..)

    Also, I don't recommend adding anyone as friends, because friends can see your other friends more easily, and if all your friends aren't on the exact same page, they fight..
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    My nearest local group is like 1,000 miles away..
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    @Nanos hm maybe will try fb again.. Haven't been on there in a while. I don't really like their algo/news feed tbh....

    Maybe I should unfriend, remove all the pages etc so don't end up getting all those promotions in the free?
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    Join some usenet groups ?

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    @donuts Oh! I am sorry I did not know that.

    For online friendship you can try different communities like gaming, discord, reddit, or anything that is virtual like conferences where you meet like minded people.
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    > gaming

    Is that a specific named community, since its hard to google it !

    reddit on the other hand, I can google that. :-)
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    One of the problems in joining any social network site these days is you can only really talk about the weather..

    Anything else risk you getting banned !

    Or hated by a million people for saying the wrong thing..

    Did you know that 98% of members of such groups, never say anything in public !

    You probably also want to check out the contents of a group after you join, in case its not really a knitting circle after all, but a group intent on overthrowing of your local government by violent means, and you wouldn't want to be on that list when they come for everyone else !
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    @Nanos lol I meant any gaming community on Discord.

    And I agree we are at peak of soft-ism. Everyone is a delicate unique snowflake.
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