Today I found github student developer pack thing. It was the golden chance to sharpen my git skills at least I thought so.. 2 hours tried to figure out how does "merge" works in gitkraken and now I'm depressed..

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    you are not alone, I to this day still go to the actual repo online and hope the button that says this can be auto merged shows. Do not think I have ever merged from bash or the ui. Goodluck.
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    I just use the command line to merge, it's the easiest way to do it imo (and merge conflicts are pretty easy to solve by that way)
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    Are you in college with me cause I too was learning this today and helping others try to learn it would be really cool if we are 😂
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    You reaaally dont need github at all if its just git you want to learn.

    If you really need a remote repository, checkout gitlab.com it has unlimited free private repos 👌
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    Try the material on version control of the software carpentry foundation
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    I recommend SourceTree, found it quite intuitive
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