So an old boss phones and suggests I interview for him at his new company.
A week or so later a couple of his senior guys conduct a virtual interview - which is interrupted by the main guy having to go and stop his sky box downloading so he has enough bandwidth to conduct the interview.
I impress and they disappear for a week. Then I'm finally called by a recruiter to say that they weren't willing to pay my asking salary which was provided to the original ex-boss who contacted me.

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    Don't these people know that it is often better to pay the devil you know, than the dumb shit you don't know?
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    I usually read this situation as the people interviewing you are wary of your boss trying to replace the department's existing employees with his yes men. It can be an awkward situation.
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    @SortOfTested I'm nobodies yes man. It sounded from his explanation of the company that the current staff were their former boss' yes men and the whole point of the guy I knew being taken on board was to get rid of contractors and replace them with people who know what they are doing. I guess the reason they have so many contractors though is because they aren't willing to pay the salary of someone who knows what they are doing
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    These two things are not mutually exclusive.
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