I've switched from mindlessly scrolling instagram to devrant. Anyone else?

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    Instagram > dR > Instagram > dR and here to stay now.
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    I've had devRant blocked for the last month to get me to stop mindlessly scrolling through it
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    Whatever social media I use, I never scroll beyond 20-25 posts due to my short attention span disorder
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    @asgs it's not a disorder you are just weak to focus. u choose the easy way of taking small dopamime injections by scrolling and quiting when it would require you to focus a bit
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    @coffeeholic my weakness became a disorder
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    Never did the endless scrolling on Instagram but FB and DevRant. Yup yup
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    Still do both. Although, I'm a bit impartial to social media. I just use them to distract myself from overthinking, most of the time.
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    Tbh it's harder with devrant because of the focus on text vs image(unless you're browsing the meme tag)
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    Your post somehow made me smarter
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    I've used Instagram for about a week or so more than 5 years ago and removed the account after that (not even under my real name).

    I don't use the mainstream social media, except for devRant (which isn't as mainstream)

    So I guess I didn't but I do mindlessly scroll devRant regardless ;)
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