Achievement unlocked: peak capitalism

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    Google Translate from Chinese to English?
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    @kamen think so bc I feel like I'm having a stroke tryna comprehend it lol
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    It’s a message from Satu..rn. Aliens are mining bitcoins to buy ads and program our minds lol
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    Wtf is it supposed to mean
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    @Stuxnet yeah, fuck, this is worse than them ig hoes.
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    Wtf is this illuminati shit
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    achievement unlocked: Image is completely incomprehensible.
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    ummmm ok im a chjnese and the eating chicken thing probably is just referencing PUBG Mobile..?

    and the translation is fucked.
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    The phone is being watercooled..?
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    @theuser ding ding ding ding ding we have a winner!
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    Did some research (no idea why actually) and you get these ridiculous Pubg mobile gaming kits that feature water coolers and something resembling a controller that you strap your phone on. Also, according to reddit, you are an absolute scumbag if you use anything but the touchscreen.

    This is why I stay away from mainstream online games, the communities are just utter garbage.
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    @scout prolly a phone cooler "DeSiGneD fOr PuGb"
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    @theuser nah just the mobile community sucks. Normally they hate you for using an extra acc but however since they are "DeSiGneD fOr PuGb" they love them.

    For myself, I have plugged my phone a pc keyboard to play a souls-like game, bcuz my hands sweated a lot.
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