Have any of you tried cloning NFC cards? I really want to try it out. Any advice or guidelines would be much appreciated.

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    You would need to crack an card, because there is no command to read out data from the card itself.
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    Aren't those things usable for paying? 🤔
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    @SortOfTested thats too low level. The protocol has similarities with smartcards and the software it protected by a pin and a puk, you can add apps to the filesystem, but some areas are protected and the apps are usually in a part that is protected.
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    There's no such thing as too low level.
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    I meant basic office door nfc cards - not bank cards :D
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    @yehaaw they all share something common. Only mifare classic is broken yet, so unless you have one of these, its hard to get the software and data out. One method could be that you write a programm fir an nfc card that only outputs the same id from that card. Most of the times these cards output a static id that is read by the terminal an checked against a database.
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