Caught up enjoying myself last few months , of using Linux (Ubuntu) O.S

Now, I won't be switching back to Windows ,
I mean who will not enjoy an open source O.P that doesn't generally need a machine reboot and isn't vulnerable to malware , viruses

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    Welcome to the light my child
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    Unfortunatly linux have had its own share if vulnerabilities the last few yers.

    So the statement that windows is worse of is not as true as it once was.

    And personally, linux as a desktop still lacks a lot of the software I like.

    BUT, I to am glad more people embrace linux as competition forces all parties to focus more on the users needs than their own priorities if they want to stay in the game :)

    Thats why I am sad MS choose to go the chrome way with edge.

    If the had gone with FF the competition had been more even.
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    Ubuntu isn't fully open source, and canonical has questionable recontribution habits.

    If open source is what you care about, you're going to want a linux libre-based operating system.
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    "isn't vulnerable to malware" - I might be a Linux lover but I'm also a cybersecurity person and Linux definitely is vulnerable to malware but it's harder to infect a system imo (from my own experiences)
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    @linuxxx yes it is , but i was comparing it with windows
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    @mayank26 Yeah but you said "isn't vulnerable to malware" :)
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    Doesn't generally need a reboot: false

    Isn't vulnerable to malware or virus: false

    Anyway enjoy whatever you like
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    @dontbeevil I've gotta say that the reboot part depends on the distro.
    Canonical (Ubuntu) has something called Livepatch which allows even live kernel updates aka preeeetty much no reboot regardless.
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