Quarantine has killed my soul and control. Started bad habit poker and continuously loosing still not able to stop it...

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    Please open up about it to your loved ones or try contacting a professional before it gets entirely out of hand
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    @alexbrooklyn I kind of opened up with my wife as I lost our half of savings. My only worry is still not able to control. Should I go rehab?
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    Gambling addiction is real, it’s as real as schizophrenia, depression or heroin addiction. There is chemistry involved. You can’t “just stop playing omg it’s so easy”. No it’s not. Seek psychiatric help before it’s too late. They may prescribe you something but it’s okay, there is nothing to fear and to feel shamed about.
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    @uyouthe thanks for accepting I told one of friend and said why you need help. Why can’t you stop. I felt ashamed
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    @dummy 9 out of 10 people I encounter have no clue about what a “mind condition” is and basically think that schizophrenia can be easily beaten with just ignoring the hallucinations. Don’t listen to them, they don’t know any better. Talk to any good psychiatrist and they will immediately recognize your problem as a real one because damn this problem is real
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    Don't listen to that @dummy. What are close people good for if not helping you when in need?
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    @dummy addiction is kind a like a faulty reprogramming .

    Most people know what they're doing is wrong (which is one very important factor) - important is to get help.

    And this will be a longterm process, maybe life long.

    You'll need support, but especially you need to get your arse up and seek help.

    Don't try to solve it on your own.

    It will hurt you and your loved ones.

    Don't listen to people who have no fscking clue.
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