"rust is great it's gonna kill C and C++ and all other low-level languages" i'm still hitting undefined behavior on printing a string to console and nothing else so i'm gonna say no as it's got the same issues C has

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    I've been using Rust for years and never seen undefined behaviour outside of unsafe blocks. How the hell did you manage that with a simple print?

    Although I'd say Rust competes more with C++, people who prefer the C coding style would probably like Zig more.
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    So, it's gonna commit suicide?
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    @deadlyRants For great justice
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    Rust doesn't have undefined behaviour nor any memory unsafety at all without using unsafe. Certainly a lone println!() shouldn't have any problems. Are you getting a deadlock because you .lock()'ed stdout?
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    @12bitfloat just print and then die. sometimes works, sometimes doesn't.
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    @Parzi That's weird. What platform are you on?
    It can't be a flushing problem because println auto flushes
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    @12bitfloat Linux or Windows
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    @Parzi print!() does not flush because stdout is line buffered like in many other languages. Use println!() or flush it manually.
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