I don't know why, but I find making MEDICINES just as amazing as programming. We program computers & they program a human body or an animal body. AWESOME!

BTW, I really hope that the COVID-19 vaccine will soon be available for everyone.

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    Well then you do know why, mate!
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    Vaccine will be available sooner than we can anticipate.

    Businesses are going into losses. Economy is hit.

    And by this, I mean the rich are losing money which they don't like to.

    So it would be more beneficial for Mr Gates to fund a $500 MM Vaccine research project and spend another $100 MM to make it available free worldwide and then get back in the business and make a couple of Billions.

    And add bunch of more folks like Bezos and Melon Musk.

    Who knows, the vaccine might already be ready and they are just setting up their next move before they reveal their current.

    No one cares if the common human being dies.

    But I really hope we find and get access to the vaccine soon.
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    @F1973 do you care if one of the rich ones die?
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    @F1973 Fun fact: Many of the richest actually made money

    "No one cares if the common human being dies."
    That's an unfortunate truth. If the poor doesn't care about the poor people dying, imagine what the rich feel about it.

    Anyway, let's survive and we shall see!
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    @nitwhiz fair point.

    @Jilano yes. Many made money from this pandemic.

    Survival of the fittest. Fight till you can.
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    I want to add a few things here.

    A virus can mutate.

    Vaccine might not be longterm.

    And there are already mutations of the virus.

    Countries like Russia / China ... will have an vaccine, first.

    And "the common people" will definitely be guinea pigs for testing long term effects. That's not paranoid at all from my perspective.

    Most oligarchs / rich people don't need a vaccine. As long as they're living in their sheltered homes...

    I'd treat an vaccine that was created in less than a year like a startup.

    If it claims to be long term stable after less a year of operation with doubtful funds / origins - heeeeeeellll no. Don't touch it.
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