My most memorable co-worker? Have quite a few memorable positive and negative ones.

One of the positives was an ex-Marine (only a few months back from Iraq) 'Erin' who 'butt-ed heads' with an ex-Navy "vet" 'Tom' who was also our source control nazi (I've ranted about him before). "Vet" is in quotes because HR decided to research Tom's 'service' (what ship did he served on, etc) for an upcoming salute to veterans. They found out 'Tom' hurt his knee in basic training and had to be discharged.
Tom enjoyed talking his military "service" until HR spilled the beans (another story behind that, I'll share if interested), and when Erin found out Tom never stood foot outside basic training as a soldier, the alpha-male shit hit the fan.
The F-bombs were as plentiful as leaves in the fall.

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    Tell us more pls
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    > Tell us more pls

    On Veteran's Day, HR hands out cookies/treats to all our vets. HR-Mary (very cute, and a obscenely nice to a fault) either forgot or overlooked leaving a cookie on Tom's desk. Tom was so upset he went to Mary's desk and man-splained how important veterans were to our country, and him being a vet ..blah blah blah and according to the others in the HR office, Mary was so sorry and upset with her 'mistake', she began to cry. This was before HR knew he wasn't a real veteran.

    This story didn't come out until after Tom left and when it did, oh boy, a good thing nobody knew.

    Mary is our office sweetheart and *everybody* loves Mary. With the number of folks here with hero complexes/alpha-male attitudes, if that story got out back then, I can say there would be a 90% chance Tom would have gotten something bad done to him.
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