Most memorable coworker? Definitely one of our devs in the first company I worked at. He was around fifty, quirky as fuck but damn knowledgeable about pretty much everything. Think some kind of uncle Iroh who could build his own compiler.
I haven't learned as much from university as I learned from our talks during smoking breaks. He never judged anyone for not knowing something (even really basic stuff) and was actually happy if he could help. Now, a few years later I still find myself applying techniques for conceptualizing software he explained to me on the balcony and I have to say I wouldn't be half the dev I am today if I'd have never met him so I guess that counts as memorable.

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    Sounds like my first lead (and manager later on). He's an awesome guy.
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    Everyone needs an Uncle Iroh in their life.
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    Good people like him are the reason the rest of the arseholes are tolerable.

    @EmberQuill "Leaves from the vine..."
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    You must continue the cycle and become that guy to the younger devs!
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    I had one colleague that basically used to program Delphi, but in Java :the-worst:
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