This guy I know applied for a senior position at a company I used to do freelance for. He walked in while I was spending the day there to work on our project.

We used to work in the same company and I knew that this guy doesn't know shit. He's the type that would foam in the mouth while bullshitting his way through any sort of discussion.

Anyway, they had him set up on a computer a few tables from me to complete some coding exercises--real simple stuff just to see how he would approach some common problems.

There was no time limit set but the tests shouldn't have taken him more than an hour.

He sat there for SIX HOURS.

At this point, I went out for a smoke, came back 5 minutes later, and found that he wasn't there anymore.

Apparently, he just stood up and said, "Nope, can't do it" and then left the building without a word to anybody else.

We never heard of him again.

Oh, and the tests? Not a single line of code written XD

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    Was he just staring at the screen? Looking through stuff? Playing games? He must have done at least something right?
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    @alexbrooklyn I think he wrote something or at least tried and then deleted it before he left else they would've found at least the base Laravel(which he was supposed to use) files.

    Maybe he thought it'd be more embarrassing if anyone saw what he'd tried to do? I'm not really sure.

    I worked with this guy for two years though and I've seen him sit on his desk doing nothing all day all the time XD
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    there are some people who can lie about their programming experience with full of confidence but in reality, they can't even write a single line of codes. I wish, I were confident like them
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    this is the state of hiring tests:

    1. can you take an english sentence, and without a tutorial, write a for loop?

    2. okay now write a full parser. but not in the language we want to hire you in.

    also we can afford to pay you in bananas, experience, and exposure.

    p.s. we also need you to do this backend test because this is a backend job even though the ad is for front end and you soecified an hour ago when the interview started that you only trained for front.
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