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Wonder if I’m alone on this:
I have habits.
Always use the same cup, with very same amount of coffee grounds. Same four presses with the same fingers on the coffee machine.
Same way I place the cups in my desk. Same way I carry my notebook, same way I dry my hands. Same exact spot I place my card on the rfid reader. Use same elevator, same locker. God.
You name it, I do it on my own particular way.

Thing is, that I think about it. I do it consciously. I am just happier if things stay the way they are. It not just muscle memory thing.

Not judging here, just wonder if there’s people who can relate as much 🧐

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    When I was younger, I had my own premonitions. If there was something blocking my way like a post, chair, fan, or whatever and I have to go around it, I have to go around it the same way when I go back. For example, if I'm passing by a post and I walked to the right of it. When I turn around and I have to pass by it again, I need to go the same way I did previously so if I went right before, I have to go left when I get back.

    It's some dumb shit in my head that if I don't do it, I'm not "closing" something and something would go wrong with the universe. Like I'm leaving strings everywhere and they loop/entangle with each other if I don't lead them the right way. They would break and the result would be catastrophic. Some dumb kid imagination shit. None of the people I knew did the same thing.

    You'd think that would make me good at not forgetting to close database connections..
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    I like to do most of things differently every time. It might be because I'm still quite young (20) and it might change while I grow older. I have heard that older people don't want to change their habits, no matter what. And it makes sense. When you are younger you try to find your place in the world. And when you have found it, why would you give it up.
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    It's funny I had this weird opposite concept in my brain when I was younger to be as unpredictable as possible to "fight" against the notion of fate. Like mine would change constantly because I'd never do the things I was otherwise going to do 😂 I think it came from me not liking the notion of something being decided for me though obviously it could be my fate that I'd be that way and change things constantly. People and their quirks, man.
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    i see it as sticking to reliable patterns releasing ressources for more complex thoughts. you could solve the next problem while not caring about which elevator to choose.
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    @erroronline1 exactly, as in, it worked last time, do it again, and think about more important stuff.
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    @rutee07 I like to pretend that non-periodical movements - including me - leave a yarn behind them. I keep track of these, try to reverse such movements the same way they happened, and avoid breaking the yarn by crossing it.
    This and not stepping on the cracks on the floor are the two environmental games that I didn't stop playing yet.
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    - most people are some kind of obcessive compulsive.

    - I used to count my steps, and always had to end in a pair (let's say I'm changing floor types)
    - I have to check doors are locked and remember it, or I have to come back and check.
    Can't pass on a floor with chess like squares and only not play a game, like stepping only on white or black.
    Stuff like that :p
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    @GyroGearloose Humans like symmetry and order. This made sense while we were less developed, because it made understanding the world easier. For example if you have only parallel and perpendicular objects, or a grid of things (like desks) in a room it's very easy to find the shortest path or search for things. However, when your environment is designed to fulfill this desire, you start to organize things that were never meant to be organized.
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