It bothers me that IntelliJ IDEs and Documents on Google Drive don't require Ctrl + S to be pressed to save a file.

That's like my birthright taken away from me!

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    I still press ctrl+s on docs 😂
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    We had a similar reaction from customers.

    We used save on blur for editing but so many customers was asking how to save that we actually added a save button that just does nothing. Clicking it already exits the editing area triggering save.

    But it is a psychological help ;)
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    I always save websites with big textareas because i instinctively press ctrl s
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    @RazorSh4rk exactly! Every day
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    You know you've been using vim and Google docs too long when your psychological mapping of ctrl+s isn't immediately associated with "save"..
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    AFAIK, on Jetbrain' IDEs, it works, it just forces the file sync to disk, or if you're using file watchers, you trigger them
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    I press Ctrl + S in XCode anyway while coding
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    @Voxera that sounds pretty interesting.

    At the end proves habits are hard to lose.
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