For my fellow stuck at home Nintendo Switch owners: Ring Fit is legit af.

I am in good shape, but can honestly say that you will get a workout out of this bad boy AND by the time yo ass is feeling tired you will not notice it on account of the fun you will have.

Of course, not everyone will like it, shit, I know I didn't wanted to play it. But I did and I loved it.

I am Al, and I support Nintendo's agenda on getting switch owners jacked.

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    Ah, I see you had a productive Tuesday as well!

    Regarding the topic, I was always intrigued by Ring Fit. Hope they'll make another one with their next console.
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    @Jilano Inam hoping they go crazy with this tech. The fact that they managed to bring about muscle endurance that targets multiple portions of the body is LEGIT
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    @AleCx04 Well, I'm not really into that sports thing, but I'd just like to lose some of that @NoMad's love while having a bit of fun!
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    @Jilano wait, what love? Are you buying me one of those? Awwww

    But dude, I went running today and in ten minutes I ran so out of breath I'm still coughing half an hour later... Ffs, I'm so out of shape...
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    @NoMad I might after we get that yacht

    I feel you, but isn't running a bit harder than biking for example? Especially after a long time without exercising
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    @Jilano well yeah but I don't have a bike while do have legs and a pair of shoes 😜
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    @NoMad I heard @SortOfTested has a good one, you should ask her

    (I recently saw a good electric one, but it's quite expensive)
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    They're different exercises. It's largely dependent on who you are and your body type. For most people, cycling is less likely to leave you a cripple in your early-old age.
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    @SortOfTested That's good to know, thanks! I enjoy not being crippled.
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    @SortOfTested Long term studies suggest that running does not damage your knees granted when one is in a good weight to body ratio level. I am about 10 lbs above what I should weight, so I keep it on the minimum.

    I do prefer going on a nice bike trail since I don't have mountains where I live and normally prefer to go on crazy trails with a nice mountain view than just the boring Texas dessert I get here ;__;
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    Stress injury is stress injury.
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