Got my new PC up and running!

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3400G (APU)
Cooler: Scythe Mugen 5
Mobo: Asus B450-F Gaming ROG Strix
RAM: Crucial Ballistix 2x16GB
SSD: Samsung 2TB M2 Evo 860
DVD: Plextor PX-891SAF
PSU: Bequiet Straight Power 11 550W
Case: Lancool PC-K58 (10 years old)
Case fans: Bequiet Silentwings 3 140mm (front), Silentwings 2 120mm (back)

The cooler is massively oversized for the CPU, but perfect for a silent PC.

OS: Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon

As much as I loved Win 7, but it's over, and Win 10 just isn't acceptable.

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    Congratulations! Send us pics
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    That’s like making coq au vin and smothering it in ketchup.
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    pics or nought
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    Although for a C programmer you saying you used windows all this time is quite surprising. I thought Linux is friendlier in regards to compilers. Please don't say you use TurboC as well haha.
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    Well there isn't much to see except the 10 years old housing which has no windows (haha), and no RGB lighting crap anyway.

    @Root It works and is quite OK. Sure, XFCE would have better performance, but the APU is easily powerful enough.

    @superposition I used GCC-MingW and Clang-MingW under Windows. Never been a fan of VS. Plus GCC for ARM bare metal.

    Actually, that's something I've yet to configure, how to use OpenOCD with Cortex-M4. Should work though, I do have a suitable programming adaptor.
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    I just hope the RAM is at least 3200MHz
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    DVD in 2020?
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    @lamka02sk It is 3200MHz in case I upgrade the CPU, but since the CPU's memory controller is only specified up to 2933MHz, that's the memory speed I've set in the BIOS.

    The gain from overclocking is negligible, and if I had wanted a faster system, I would have bought faster hardware.

    However, that would have meant a discrete graphics card. There are no useful AMD cards with passive cooling available, only Nvidia cards, and I didn't want Nvidia for obvious reasons.
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    @uyouthe Yeah sure. I have tons of DVDs I like to watch. I also still use CDs and like to rip them.
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    @FrodoSwaggins Thanks! ^^ Not the cheapest stuff, but it's meant to last for about 10 years.

    And yeah, physical CDs ideally bought at a festival or live performance do rock.
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    Solid setup!
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    @Fast-Nop Oh! I was thinking of replacing my default case fans with some Be quiet! Silent Wings 3 PWM high-speed! How are they?
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    @Jilano Mine is the normal version with 1000 RPM and 15.5 db(A) which is inaudible. Also for the 120mm rear fan, that's the 1100 RPM version.

    However, you're eyeing the high speed version which has 1600 RPM at 28.1 db(A), so expect that to be louder.
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    @FrodoSwaggins I had been considering the new 4750G APU also, but the graphics isn't better, and I don't need more than the 8 worker threads that the 3400G can already handle.

    The RAM is actually a bit oversized, but who knows how software is going to bloat, and 2 GB are already spent for the UMA graphics buffer.

    As for the Threadripper rigs, that can be a bit silly at times, but then again I'm happy for AMD that they can attract vanity customers because they make AMD money.
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    @Fast-Nop Duly noted

    I saw the dB(A) differences, but it's worth considering the improved performances, in my opinion. Thanks for the feedback!

    Now o need to test if I'll be going the negative air pressure or positive one (tricky to get neutral).
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    @Jilano Depends on how much heat your rig generates. Mine is very low with 65W TDP for CPU and GPU combined, no PCIe 4.0 chipset (X470/570 even have a chipset fan!), and the SSD is SATA and doesn't get hot.

    You should have a positive pressure. My front intake fan is 140 mm and 1000 RPM, which makes more airflow than the rear outblowing fan with 120 mm and 1100 RPM.

    A positive pressure means that you won't suck in air anywhere, only at the front, and that's where a mesh dust filter belongs.
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    @Fast-Nop I went for a 3700X to get that sweet 65W TDP, but I also have a 2080 Ti so that ones draws some power. Regarding my case, I have a NZXT H510i, and from everything I saw/read, front fans are almost useless since there's no real openings.

    I'll check some more just in case, though. Thanks!
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    @Jilano Then the case is misdesigned. The whole ATX spec assumes airflow from front-low to rear-high, supporting warm air rising up. It has always been that way.
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    3400G is a really really good choice, we use the same processor for workstations and it’s an absolute monster
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    @Jilano I have the same case. It looks good. And that's it :D
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    @lamka02sk To be honest, I chose this one for the look but also the performances. It fairs really well in every benchmarks I saw.

    I read a bit yesterday on it was designed (take that as you wish) for negative air pressure. So I ordered the two Silent Wings 3 (120mm and 140mm) to give it a shot! We shall see

    PS: I've never got any" suspiciously" hot temperatures anyway, but I hope for a little improvement
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    @Jilano Hmmm, maybe I try to switch fans around, because I have positive pressure and it sucks
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    Applying thermal paste correctly may also yield a few RPM difference, especially when compared to boxed coolers with thermal pads.

    I'm with the new Noctua NT-H2 paste, and then not with their suggested five point method, but traditionally spreading out a thin film using a cheque card. That's a bit more work, but gives better results.

    It also helps to choose a CPU that has a soldered heat spreader instead of thermal paste between die and housing.
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