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Was thinking about the things I miss thanks to the 'rona whilst coding. Restaurants are a big one (I haven't had an oyster in a dog's age). We've lost a ton of businesses recently, most of which will never be back. As much as I Uber eats and doordash, restaurants lose money on those mechanisms frequently due to the up to 30% order commission.

There's definitely a potential market for an epic games-store style player in that segment who wants to compete on cost and fees. Hard part would be the political weight that's coming down on those businesses now. It's a really shitty time to be in most businesses.

Tl;Dr There will never be a better name for a donut shop than "Hole Foods." RIP

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    I don't like most buffets bc they're usually fucking disgusting, but I miss this one southern food buffet (chicken, bbq, fish, ribs, etc) and I'll be glad when I can go back.

    There's also a bomb pizza place back home and I'm ready to be able to eat there again soon.

    If either close I will personally try to raise the money to keep them open lmao my fat ass loves food
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    Here in the UK the government has decided that we no longer need to care about Corona so restaurants are operating as normal! God save the Queen!
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    Move up to Scotland. No coronavirus there 😉
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