Everything Windows related is unintuitive and retarded.

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    Everything? I'd agree on "quite a shitload".

    On a related note: Damn I really miss having Linux on my dev laptop... Battery problems forced me (temporarily?) to Windoozle. 😢
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    I quite like notepad.
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    @AlmondSauce You, sir, are a monster.

    I like Notepad++ though.
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    @AvyChanna I'm a monster and a troll 😁
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    So > 90% of desktop user base prefere something unintuitive... Instead of something intuitive like linux for example
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    @dontbeevil Yes. People grow up using windows, so the un-intuitive becomes the new normal, and everything else becomes hard to use.
    (I have a macOS friend, and it's always funny to watch him struggle in windows settings.)

    IMO, previous versions of windows had decent Ux(maybe even better than linux), and previous linux distros looked and felt bad. Partly because of the target audience for both products.
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    Totally agree.

    Older Windows had a more intuitive in the pre Win8 (win95-winxp era)
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    @Linux That was the golden time of windows. Windows 98 was my first ever OS. (I still have a working cd. Lol)
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    @Makenshi lol communication and sound devices are two different things, they're not connected...also you can change that in the app (eg: Skype teams, slack...) if you don't want to use the default ones...never mind guys it's useless discuss with linux fanboys, enjoy!
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    Windows turned into shit after Win 7 which was the hands down the best OS I've ever had. Fuck you Nadella.
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    @Fast-Nop shit no, but nadella turned all the effort on mobile (not windows ) first cloud first, i agree fuck nutella
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    @dontbeevil Pulling the plug on mobile was a hard decision, but MS had failed on that market.

    The problem was that MS had slept for much too long and only started to enter the market when it was already settled. They would have had to massively subsidise Windows phones - that's the price for missing the early time window.

    Instead, MS totally didn't understand their underdog situation and failed to act accordingly. They don't know how to convince customers (which is also why ARM Windows is set up to fail).

    In their usual manner, they turned to the only asset they have, the desktop monopoly, and reverted to their main tactics: bullying. See forced spyware in Win 10.

    In other words, MS is again the same old shit company it has always been.
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    I've just encountered an example of the "intuitive" Linux UI - setting the speed of the mouse scroll wheel.

    Any other system, including Windows: go to the control centre, go to mouse, configure the scroll wheel. Really unintiutive.

    "Intuitive" Linux workflow (Cinnamon): go to Preferences-Mouse. No option for the wheel. Google. Find you must install the imwheel package. Go to Synaptic and install it. To even have a GUI for that, download a shell script. Make it executable. Execute it. Configure the wheel. Manually add the shell script to the menu under Preferences, which now has TWO mouse config entries. Manually add imwheel to the autostart applications so that the setting becomes persistent.

    Anyone who wants to tell me that the Linux workflow for this isn't ridicilously defective is just full of shit. The average desktop user would just find that the mouse wheel cannot be configured.
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    At least we get to play games with maximum performance and zero effort.
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    @Fast-Nop let's hope that MS's whole ARM "thingy" gonna work out because I like the idea of charging my laptop with my phone charger or my powerbank(+having longer battery life)

    it is ridiculous to point at certain things that are intuitive in one and unintuitive in the other
    we all could literally sit here all day and don't get any further

    @aviophile which side are you on
    idk if i should like you or hate you
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    @yung-stallman ARM Windows is going to fail beause MS is mishandling it once again (I ranted about that: https://devrant.com/rants/2891076/... ).

    As for pointing at certain things: please re-read the OP's rant.
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    @Fast-Nop i still think it won't be like windows phone
    since apple is thinking about making an arm powered macbook
    microsoft will have a competitor on the market(for the first time)
    and tbh I don't care about neither (mac and windows on arm) i just want an arm based linux laptop that is more powerful than the pinebook
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    @yung-stallman Apple is doing it differently than MS, but copying Apple wouldn't work. The problem is that MS doesn't understand the situation and will let the ARM platform fail.

    Right now, there is no compelling reason to buy an ARM powered Windows laptop. The emulation sucks and is even limited to x86-32 so that pure 64 bit programs from x86 Windows don't run at all. And if that changes, the performance hit will be even larger.

    Devs don't care to make native versions because ARM-Windows has no market share. MS doesn't really give support.

    The devices are ridiculously overpriced for all their shortcomings - even MS' own ARM Surface.

    ARM-Linux is worse than regular Linux because ARMs are SOCs, i.e. not as standardised as x86 PCs. That's "wifi driver problems" style all over the whole system. Though ARM-Linux would be better off than ARM-Windows in terms of applications because OSS can be recompiled by distro maintainers.
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