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    So true.
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    Or the perfect way to destroy a nice hobby
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    @JohanO yeah. With a job comes deadlines and you're not always allowed to do whatever you want.
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    The fastest way to lose motivation
    Is turning your hobby into a job
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    I concur
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    My hobby was awesome! Now I call my hobby work, and I rearly want to work in my time off.
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    Really depends on the work environment . I do what I love doing (and my job at the same time) at a faster pace than needed just because my environment is relaxed and thus I don't feel pressured by deadlines .
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    Have to disagree with this one. When a hobby becomes a job then that job will suck the life out of the hobby. Not close to happiness at all.
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    Coding was a hobby...
    Now I've ruined a hobby for a paycheck.
    I rarely code on my spare time at home, that brings me sadness.
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    Except I'm not getting paid market rate.... :(

    Sometimes liking something too much can allow others to take advantage of it...
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