>Gets a new CPU for desktop (yay, went from R5 1600 to R5 3600X)
>Spends half a day flashing new MB BIOS (Needed to flash individual major versions in order, couldn't just go 1.10 to 6.40)
>Finally finishes preparations and goes to replace the CPU
>Cleans the old one and packages it to give it to a friend
>Has issues inserting the new one as the orientation arrow on the motherboard was very hard to make out
>Spends 30 minutes applying thermal paste, worrying about optimal spread
>Forgets which side the CPU fan goes on
>Finally boots back up... CPU fan is suddenly loud AF under load, but eh, temps under stress are sub-60, so, good

~~Next day~~
>Loud CPU fan is too annoying, opens the case again
>CPU fan is on backwards
>Takes the fan off, turns it around and fastens again, puts PC back together and boots
>Is quiet again, nice
>Goes to work on the PC
>2 hours later randomly checks temps because no fan noise is weird
>CPU at 75dC, crap
>Opens the (live) PC, CPU fan is not spinning
>Has put the header on one pin to a side
>Unplugs and replugs it correctly
>Fan suddenly starts spinning very fast and cuts my finger
>Finally closes the case once more. All issues resolved

...Its situations like these that make me wonder... What would happen it I had to work with servers in person, physically lol

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    You buy a new CPU for barely 50% more performance and not even 30% in single thread?! Ehhhh...
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    You should definitely never get close to any hardware in prod XD
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    Cheers I'll drink to that
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    Why the fuck are you sticking your fingers into a computer with power going through it?
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    Also warn people which MB it is
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    @Fast-Nop got a chance to sell my old cpu to a friend for some money back, and used that money to get this one.

    By myself, I wouldn't just buy a new CPU out of the blue.

    @kescherRant because I was too lazy to turn the PC off and unplug it.
    Got cut for that briliant idea.
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    This is why whenever I buy new shit, I bring my whole system unit to the store and let them install it. So if they fuck things up, they will be liable and replace whatever they fucked up.
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    @cabbybaby Though it's not too hard to do that oneself, which I do because then I know that the job gets done properly. Right down to correct application of thermal paste. And proper grounding myself at all times when working on electronic components. Also, running a memtest after building the rig.
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