This is more on work and life balance.

1. Don't do hard work, but do 'Smart work', else you will end up burn yourself 100%.

2. Don't think your manager is your guardian angel, even though it seems like sometimes. He has his own goals to achieve.

3. Spend considerable time daily in and out of office/work, for your own development/improvement.

4. Learn new languages and technologies.

5. Stop making things perfect, 'good' is enough.

and it goes on ............

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    An addendum to point 5: "Done is better than perfect."
    Something I should try to take heed of more often.
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    The point to note here is, when we say 'done', it means be 'done in proper way'.
    After that, don't try to make it perfect, because maintenance of a system is a never ending process, until it is deprecated.
    Along the way you don't know how many times your 'perfect' code will be modified.
    (Worst case removed from the system altogether)
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    Developers could find a middle ground and be satisfied with it.
    (I was, myself a guy who always tweaks the code until last minute, and found what?)
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